The Modus Opera Company offers performances of classic and contemporary operas at the highest level of artistic excellence.  Our mission is twofold.  First, to furnish up-and-coming young opera singers with the kind of top-notch performance experience most cannot get without leaving the United States for Europe, a professional trajectory that often thwarts young singers' chances of building successful careers here at home.  At the same time, we aim to offer fresh, sophisticated operatic productions that attract and cultivate audiences younger than those typical of many opera companies.  Our overarching goal at Modus Opera is to strengthen and revitalize American operatic life by uniting young singers and young audiences through the performance of accessible, excellent opera.

The Modus Opera Company distinguishes itself by demonstrating number of strengths.  We are particularly adept at recognizing the innate talent and growth possibilities in each young singer whom we hear and then assembling first-rate casts who compliment and strengthen each other when aligned on stage.  During our production process, we are able to create and nurture a team environment where all involved are working for the good of the production and for the good of each other.  Our singers and also our patrons are in tune with our desire to proffer the highest quality performance experience for young singers while also providing them a warm professional environment in which to learn and grow.

The Modus Opera Company prides itself in reaching out to cultivate younger audiences in order to ensure the future support and love of opera; however, our target audience is not limited by any means.  We hope to build our audience base with young and old, opera aficionados and novices, potential donors and just plain fans.  Long-time opera buffs will find a new spirit in our productions, and those who are new to opera will be drawn by the intimacy, freshness and accessibility that they never expected from an opera company.  Those who are supporting our organization are doing so out of the sheer love of opera and desire to see young people maintain this wonderful art form.

The Modus Opera Company presents/plans to present performances of fully staged operatic productions, concert opera, vocal recitals, chamber opera and a voice competition.  A fully staged opera production is defined as including a full cast of singers, costumes, minimal sets, stage director, full orchestra and conductor.  A concert opera does not include costumes, stage director or sets.  A chamber opera consists of the same elements as a fully staged production but on a reduced scale – i.e. fewer singers, smaller orchestra, etc.  Voice recitals include the featured singer and a pianist and on occasion additional instruments.  A planned voice competition presents the opportunity for singers to compete against one another in front of a panel of judges for prize money that can be used to further fund their studies and career.

The featured artists in all of the above mentioned genres are young singers who have completed a Masters degree at a top tier educational institution and participated in several summer programs or the equivalent.