In the Media

“…impressive…spontaneous…subtle…” —The New York Times

“…virtuosic.” —The Los Angeles Times

“…a master virtuoso” —The Frankfurt News

“… Justin Bischof set the pews to trembling . . .where the sheer accumulation of sound is so enveloping you canʼt tell whether it is coming from within you or without you.”- Anthony Tommasini the New York Times

“…He is as versatile an artist as he is talented.” —The Western Australian (Perth)

"….Beethoven’s 9th Symphony does not get much better than this!" - New York Arts

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"...This has been the most successful opera to date at WAAPA....everything that you have brought to the music department at WAAPA has been very great and nothing short of amazing.....the orchestra is now playing with a new-found professionalism and the singers are working at an altogether different level..." —Stewart Smith, Music Chairman, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Australian Premiere of Ward's The Crucible

“…hopefully there will be a next time in Toronto for Justin Bischof—he has a lot to offer.” —The Toronto Star

“…Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 was performed with youthful vigor and an excitement that resulted in a well-deserved standing ovation. Maestro Bischof is an inspiring presence on the podium, exuding grace, energy and an innate ability to inspire his players..." —

“The orchestra played brilliantly under the strong leadership of Maestro Bischof….Maestro Bischof infused this score with a freshness and vitality that exorcised all of life’s problems and gave one and all a ‘lift’ that only a great night at the opera can give. Bravo!” —The Italian Voice

“Maestro Bischof’s conducting conveyed his sensitive reading of the score, with just the right amount of support and direction for the chorus and orchestra.” —Boro City News

"...suave and polished chamber orchestra playing under the baton of Justin Bischof." —Gay City News (New York City)